She has been seeking "more" of the Lord for over twenty years and wasn't content anymore to just go to church, pray and then go about daily life without Him. In her early adult years she suffered from anxiety attacks trying to be the perfect wife, mother and person. It was only after learning that God isn't about a religion, but about a relationship that things began to change. She started pursuing a genuine relationship with the Heavenly Father that she had only known from a distance. The lies, fears and worries that consumed her life were mostly eliminated as she kept her focus and trust on the Father she has come to know so well. She began to hunger to hear what He was saying and has spent much time in His presence learning one on one from the Father she has come to know as Daddy. This book is a result of those intimate times being in His presence and His desire to share His heart with you.

Ann Yeager is a worship assistant, leads an active women's ministry, mentors women, and has a prophetic, healing, prayer ministry. Her passion is to share the Father's heart and to help others deal with the day to day stressors of life.  She has a degree in education and completed Global School of Supernatural Ministry's Summer Intensive School. She and her husband, Chuck, live in Ephrata, PA. They have two adult children, Justin and Laura.